There comes a time in every movie list where it has to turn and face the music. And that movie is....

you Kingpin.

#5 Kingpin

I'm fully aware that the intro made little to no sense... just trying to work a classic Big Ern McCracken line in.

Honestly... my head hurts from trying to come up with stuff to say about the flick.

I will never get tired of watching Big Ern hit on those broads in the diner. Big Ern fondeling women every chance her gets. Big Ern... now that I think about it, any of you younger Mustacheers might want to purchase a copy of this film and just follow Big Ern as your personal savior. Sometimes I wish I had. I'll bet things would've turned out a lot different. In FACT, I'm debating adding him to the illustrious list of HCM heroes! Any objections?

And I will certainly never get tired... of the showdown.

I'M BIG ERN! Finally BIG ERN IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!! Oh what do I care I'm RICH!!!

Sure I left a buuuuunch out, didn't even hit on tons of the great stuff here... I'll let the legions of Mustacheers participating in the countdown take it from here.

First person to make a "Munsoned" joke wins a free high five!


Erik said...

Atta boy Luther!

One of my favorite scenes is when Roy is being interviewed and the guy asks him what he's been up to for the last 17 years and Roy says:

Roy: I, er, well for a while there I, umm, drinking ... a lot of drinking.

Interviewer: Oh, I see, are you still drinking?

Roy: No I give that up a long, um ... why, you buying?

My friend and I were reciting these lines last month while we bought some beer and the cashier said, "Kingpin, huh?" I was pleasantly surprised because I didn't think this was a really popular movie.

Mr. F said...

You should have really tested the cashier's knowledge/patience by trying to re-enact the deleted scene where Roy tries to scam the clerk with a twenty and switching it to a five. Haha... I know it's my joke... but I really am laughing. Hahahaha

Pete said...

I love the line when the interviewer asks Big Ern about an upcoming paternity suit and he says there's no case cuz he "pulled out of her way early."

Bobby said...

Wow I cant believe "The King of Kong" has made it all the way into the top 4. More proof that Wiebie is truly an inspiration to all bored middle age (Finns age) men.

Erik said...

Well we said no documentaries, otherwise this would have been very high on my list.

Mr. F said...

Agreed. I REALLY loved this film. And Wiebe (however you spell it)is the greatest Husky (not name Andersen) of all time!

Pete said...

I would say King of Kong is the second best documentary of all time. Nothing beats American Movie in my book. I do remember watching K of K before a Super Bowl with Mr. F and Pervitron and thinking that watching it was the best part of the day. I think it was before Indy vs. Chicago, but it could've been before NE vs. NYG (if so, it actually was not the best part of the day; that would've been Mr. F and I drinking every drop of alcohol in the house and really enjoying Monday).

Unknown said...

This is my probably my favorite line that doesn't include Big Ern.

Bartender: So, you two are dictionary salesmen?

Roy: You would be punctilious in assuming that.

And I recently had a chance to check out the special features of K of K and there is a wonderful little look into the life of Robert Mruczek. I highly recommend it.