Weight Loss Challenge 2010

We're back baby!

HenryCotto'sMustache.com Weight Loss Challenge!

Who can forget last year's FUN!!!

Well apparently the two competitors forgot what they learned... cuz they're back and fatter than ever! And we're looking for new challengers! Any takers just step your fat ass up to the plate.

Bring it nancies.


Fortune said...

Speak for yourself fatty. Looks like I am going to have to put on a few lbs so I can compete in this with you. You are going down!

Erik said...

Ha ha ha. Yes.

Pervitron 3000 said...

what about out of state competitors? I'm fat and need the motivation.

Mr. F said...

Yes, open to all people who will compete honestly.

You seem like a man of truth. You're in.

So far:

Mr. F
Filth Dawg

Bobby said...

Gentlemen, I am weighing in at 370 lbs. I am announcing my entrance into your little girly competition.