#3 Field of Dreams

I you don't like this movie you're either a douche bag or some kind of nazi.

I'm in a hurry. I know what a travesty. But let's get serious for a moment.

Here's James Earl Jones'ss''s'sss' s speech.:

I didn't add the video... because I really wanted his powerful words to hit home. That... and for some reason there's no video on youtube for fod.



Bobby said...

Not a fan. Nor am I a Douche.

JamesF said...

Bobby, I hope to GOD that you are fucking kidding about this. I'll admit it, when Ray asks his dad if we wants to play catch with him, I fucking started the waterworks.

jimi said...

if bobby is not a baseball fan then i can see how he is not a fan of this movie. it is obvious that bobby is not a fan of america's pastime and therefore proves he is a nazi.

Erik said...

I can vouch for Bobby, he is a baseball fan. However, it's obvious he hasn't seen this movie since becoming jaded by the Giants' epic collapse in game 6 of the 2002 World Series. I'll bet if he just let his tension with the game go and gave this movie an honest viewing ... he'd weep like a baby. Sorry, he'd weep like Tim Tebow.

jimi said...

i want him stinking up the dugout. high or not, that boy pitch.

Mr. F said...

Bold statement Jimi. Back to back Cy Youngs and you want him on the squad?

I was kidding, about Timmy L. It was intended as a dig at our former management. God I hate Bavasi.

Now let's get back to the real issue: Bobby is a nazi douche.

Bobby said...

Mustacher daily poll: Whats worse... Pullman or this movie?

Well if this movies so great, then why isnt it number 1??? Didnt think about that one did you Mustachers?

Bobby FTW!