Seahawks Game thread

Post your thoughts on the game here! Personally, I feel that...

we fucking suck. Fire every single person associated with the Seahawks, save maybe a dozen or so players. Honestly... WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!

Here's a fun game for all you Mustacheers to play: Last person to keep watching this game wins a free beer from me!

Have fun!


Mr. F said...

I think I'm out at half.

Ps. Erik... Think were in danger of some stingers next season?

Erik said...

Sorry, I just now got a chance to see this. I think I win the beer because I watched the whole thing ... I was being paid to do so, but still.

I was pretty sure the Hawks would come out flat, but that was pathetic. Andre Johnson looked bored as he ran in for his second touchdown.

I think we can avoid Stingers, but if we're real bad and the Rams come to town towards the end of the season, well then there's no telling what could happen.