Round 1, Group 2 Results, and Round 1, Group 3 Matchups

Be sure to check out Peter's new mock draft below. Good Stuff!!!

Just finished watching a dismal game. The Cougs did NOT play there game and apparently were up against the Australian Michael Jordan mixed with Valde Divac. It's a shame. This dude Patti... yep, Patti... had a monster game, but he tarnished it by flopping the entire game like a gigantic pussy. I'm left with one big question after listening to the dynamite commentating team... was St. Mary's close to making the tournament? In all seriousness the colorman on this team is the biggest idiot I've ever listened. He barely watch the game and made outlandish claims about Coug players trying hurt the other team. He's a fucking moron. I'm in a GREAT MOOD!!!

On to the business at hand.

Group 2 results:


Cammy 19-2
Ray 20-1
Griffey 21-0
Karl 17-4
Tez-Rex 17-4
Felix 19-2 (whoever voted for the dance crew needs to take a long look in the mirror)
Lofa 14-6
SCHEFFLER 11-9!!! What an upset!!! He's got Lofa next round!

Ok, Group 3 of Round 1 here we go:

6. John Olerud

John Olerud oozes charisma and pisses out personality. While looking for this picture I realized how many teams he played for at the end. Sort of whored himself out. But he's a Coug and he really helped out on the 115 win team.


11. Lauren Jackson

Would ya? I would.

3. Jay Buhner

Buhner rules. Someone please post the story about him in the dugout screaming at Griffey when he was rounding third off of the Double. I'm pretty sure the Sheriff confirmed it at King's. Am I right?


Jarrod Washburn

Probably doesn't belong. But he got one of our writer's his start. Do your research gang.

5. Rashard Lewis

I guess this guy still plays in the NBA. I wasn't sure that league still existed. Anyway, like it or not, statistically this dude goes down as one of the greatest Sonics of all time.


12. Peanut Guy

I always wait until he's a few steps away for two reasons. 1) See how creative he can get with the toss, and 2) I don't want to drop the peanuts.

4. Shaun Alexander

He was the MVP of the fuckin' league. The more a I think about it... the more ashamed I am of how are city just absolutely turned on him at the first sign of decline. LET'S SHOW HIM HOW WE REALLY FEEL SEATTLE!!!!


John Carlson

The future of Seattle football. And a scary, scary looking fella.

7. Jim Zorn

Before my time as a player. But had a big role in developing Matt Hasselbeck into the bad ass that he is today.


10. Chris Warren

^^^ These things have gotta be regionalized. In all seriousness... this dude put up some great number on some crap teams. A real workhorse. Deserves some recognition.

2. Lou Piniella

^^^ Pretty sure I was at that game. What can you say about Sweet Lou? He's the best. Plus Erik can do a mean impression of him. Not sure how well it will translate into post form... but maybe he'll give it a shot.


15. Our Soccer team

^^^ That's a soccer ball right?

1. Gary Payton

The Glove. No jokes here (the entire post is debatable). Best Sonic of all time, and a top 5 Seattle Sports star. No arguments. NONE. Try it!!!! I dare you. Plus GP is hilarious, he came to Save Our Sonics Rally... Gary rules.


16. Brian Bozworth

Hey, I love Stone Cold as much as the next guy... but to say The Boz's career fizzled is a bigger understatement than .... * Fill In Your Own Creative Joke Here *

8. Leroy Hill

You wanna tell that dude he's not in the tourney? Plus he's the franchise now.


9. Dave Valle

Puts on a great baseball camp. Made sure kids weren't afraid to get beaned. GREAT color guy! Always enjoy when he hip checks Ricco into the wall to catch a flyball.

Alrighty... VOTE!!!


jimi said...

A few thoughts........Finn i really feel like you let your emotions from the game affect your tourney post. Very little effort when posting the winners, almost like it was a chore and you just wanted to rush through it. Here at HCM the mustachers expect more!! Secondly, Shaun is a bitch. a dancin' around not hittin the hole hard no blockin bitch. His best year in a contract year? suspect

Mr. F said...

Well I'd written the rest of the post before that so hopefully you enjoyed it. But as for the results section. ... You're right and I apologize. It won't happen again.

Fortune said...

The Boz happens to bowl at Robinhood lanes every thursday night.

Erik said...

As for the story about Buhner screaming at Griffey, when he was rounding 3rd in game 5, here's a direct quote from "Out of Left Field" by Art Thiel:

As soon as it bounced, the game was tied, Cora walking home easily. As Williams ran down the ball in the corner, all eyes shifted to Griffey, who was under way like a Derby Thoroughbred, perhaps lifted by the identical command from 57,000 voices.
"GO! GO! GO!"
Or, as his good buddy Buhner put it in his own earthy fashion, leaping from the dugout to the edge of the field:
"Run, motherfucker, run!"

jimi said...

no apologies necessary. just continue to entertain me for free damn it!!

Pete said...

Yeah, Charlton confirmed the Buhner story. He also mentioned there was one other word Buhner used in there, but it's not really appropriate to repeat it.