The Sweet 16 Matchups

Sweet 16 Today, and Elite 8 all weekend, (assuming ties don't occur)

The matchups are below, along with one of my favorite memories about the competitor. I encourage all of you to add your own favorites:

9. Marcus Trufant

Remember when Marcus knocked out Big Walt. Pretty impressive.


4. Ray Allen

Ray Allen torched the Kings in Sacramento during the Sonics final playoff run. He nailed an off balance three and gave a death stare to the Maloofs. It was rad.

3. Jay Buhner

Tough to beat the "Run muther fucker run!!!" story


2. Ichiro

He once signed a baseball for a kid and threw it from like, three cities away to return it.

1. Ken Griffey, Jr.

I loved it when he won the Home Run Derby. That sort of shit was extremely important to me growing up. It was also nice of him to build Safeco for us.


12. Peanut Guy

He's cool and all, but I don't know his real name, and we put him on here as kind of a joke. Sweet 16.

3. Matt Hasselbeck

I'm partial to the time he took us to the Superbowl. Plus he was solid gold on media day.


2. Shawn Kemp

I'm trying to think of a more exciting basketball player to watch... can't do it.

1. Edgar Martinez

Went to his final game. He took a lap around Safeco. It was great.


4. Alvin Davis

One of my first favorite Mariners

6. Cortez Kennedy

Tez - Rex trading card


2. Sweet Lou

I really do think I was at that game ^^^ The season was a HUGE dissapointment (how do you spell that?), and his tirade pretty much captured how we are all feeling in a pretty trivial game. Best. Manager. Ever.

1. Gary Payton

The last Sonics game. He came strolling in to watch, and the place went ape-shit! It turned the game around and we won. He also came to the Save Our Sonics rally. He didn't have to do that. Greatest Sonic of all time.


5. Mike Holmgren

3rd and long...

3. Kevin Calabro

Too many great calls to pick just one. For my money... the best play by play man in any sport, of all time.


7 Lofa Tatupu

The best is still yet to come here. (I tried to think of something as corny as possible to end this with. How'd I do?)



EP said...

Don't you feel like you owe Holmgren a little more love? The guy made the Hawks relative for the first time. Just my 2 cents....

Mr. F said...

More love? I LOVED the fullback draw!!!

Erik said...

I'd say that more so he made them relevant. Just my two cents.

And why is Trufant still winning? Just because of his tenure? I want answers.

EP said...

Oh- oops. I meant relevent. Trufant really is the George Mason of this tourney.

Mr. F said...

May.... MAY... have somethign to do with him being a Coug. And... outside of Big Walt he hasn't drawn the toughest bracket.

jimi said...

he never.....NEVER......should have won over Walt. he knocked off the most dominant seahawk of all time, and now he stands to beat out the most talented sonic ever. and he is the most talented sonic ever. don't forget EP, everyone liked George Mason.

jimi said...

Rick Kaminski, aka The Peanut Man,

EP said...

Lets not get carried away, there is nothing wrong with Tru, or a little upset. We don't go by just chalk here.

Mr. F said...

jimi... I don't recall you making such a fuss when the greatest Seahawk of all time, REGARDLESS of position, was bounced in the first round by a 12th man NBAer. Interesting.

Don't Call Me Gabe said...

I blame the committee for putting Trufant in this position to get homered all the way to the final four.

Mr. F said...

The committee was yours truly and names crumpled up in a hat based on seeding.

Fortune said...

I only had the opportunity to get peanuts from the peanut guy once and you know what he did, he set them in my lap. I said what about all your tricks, he said no time kid.

Fortune said...

this is the 1st round where every single matchup has the same number of votes cast. People are finally getting the hang of this!