Star-Studded Watchmen Screening

I went to see Watchmen in IMAX at my local cineplex earlier today. Joining me in the theater was Clippers super-player Chris Kaman. This marks the second time I've gone to the same movie as a gawky, white big-man. The first being a 2005 showing of The Ice Harvest at the Alderwood 16 that was attended by myself and Nick Collison. I gotta say I was way more excited for Collison. I mean, Kaman was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Pretty classless. Maybe he was worried that people wouldn't know that the 6'11" guy sitting in the handicapped row so that he can actually fit in a seat was a basketball player.

The real highlight, however, was when Rosario Dawson showed up.

She still stunk of Shuttlesworth.


f. i. n. n. said...

Was Rosario really there?

Erik said...

Yeah. It wasn't just an out-of-the-blue "He Got Game" reference.

She showed up right before it started and had seats right in the middle. This made me realize that I should get an assistant so that I don't have to worry about reserving primo IMAX seats.

wanamaker said...

Was Rosario really there?