Star-Studded Watchmen Screening

I went to see Watchmen in IMAX at my local cineplex earlier today. Joining me in the theater was Clippers super-player Chris Kaman. This marks the second time I've gone to the same movie as a gawky, white big-man. The first being a 2005 showing of The Ice Harvest at the Alderwood 16 that was attended by myself and Nick Collison. I gotta say I was way more excited for Collison. I mean, Kaman was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Pretty classless. Maybe he was worried that people wouldn't know that the 6'11" guy sitting in the handicapped row so that he can actually fit in a seat was a basketball player.

The real highlight, however, was when Rosario Dawson showed up.

She still stunk of Shuttlesworth.


Mr. F said...

Was Rosario really there?

Erik said...

Yeah. It wasn't just an out-of-the-blue "He Got Game" reference.

She showed up right before it started and had seats right in the middle. This made me realize that I should get an assistant so that I don't have to worry about reserving primo IMAX seats.

wanamaker said...

Was Rosario really there?