Round 1, Group 3 Results. Group 4 Matchups

I am SOOOOO amped to bring you these results!!!!!


Sexy ass Lauren Jackson
Peanut Guy
Jim Zorn
Sweet Lou
and in overtime
LEEEEEEEEEEEROY Hiiiiiiiiiiillllllll.

Ok, Group 4 Matchups:

7. Norm Charlton

Maybe one day EP will step up and tell everyone about our run-in with the Sheriff the other night.


10. Bobby Engram

He just left, but I think he ranks up there as far as great Seahawks go. This is a helluva matchup!

2. Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro's last name is Suzuki. Look it up. It's true.


Jordan Babineaux

Big Play Babs is a Hawk's Nest favorite... he's even given us a shout out on the field. Plus he's defaced US currency ad he doesn't give a frack! I just wish he had better coverage skills.

6. Randy Johnson

Tough call where to seed The Unit. He's still a fan favorite, but he's been on so many teams now, I doubt he's remembered as a Mariner. I really can't think of anything funny. Not just here, but the whole deal.

maybe this video will pick things up...


11. Joey Cora

This is a picture of Joey Cora being consoled by a giant steroid user after he didn't really loose a post season series for us.

3. Matt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck is my hero. Apparently this guy's too:


14. Koren Robinson

Looks like Koren won't be back next year, but he had quite a bumpy ride with the 'Hawks.

1. Edgar Martinez

Those are actual game used bats. If it weren't for Griffey he'd be the undisputed greatest Mariner of all time. Still might be. And there's this:


16. Jeremy Stevens


8. Mack Strong

Mack was a serious dude. One of my favorite players to route for.


9. Paul Allen

^^^ One of the greatest days of my life. Sad but true.

5. Mike Holmgren

Will he be missed this year? I'm guessing yes. I'll tell ya what I won't miss though. #rd and long fullback draws.


12. Slick Watts

Slick taught me how to shoot free throws. He's responsible for the basketball player I became. Thanks a lot Slick.

4. Dave Niehaus

Suuuuuuure... warning track shot are long gone and routine flys turn into homers these day... but Dave is still the best baseball announcer of all time. (Apologies to Brent Musberger, Harry Doyle, and Bob Uecker)


13. Sam Perkins

Big Smooth dropping back and nailing 3 pointers... another one of my favorite Sonic memories. Apparently there were rumors that this guy like to smoke REEFER!!! Unsubstantiated.

Sorry this sucked. I'm on vacation. You should be thankful you get anything!!!



Enjoy the tourney.


Mr. F said...

Sweet double the videos!!! Ummm... whatever. It's late.

jimi said...

now that is the energy i'm talkin' about

Bobby said...

Lots of blowouts this round. This reminds me of the famous adage: "as goes one mustacher, voting wise, also many more mustachers vote that way as well." Never have such words ringed truer.

EP said...

Sorry-I didn't realize you were waiting for me to tell the story.....here's the jist- Finn invites a stranger to piss next to him but is denied. I see the whole thing take place, tell Finn he just got rejected by The Sherrif so Finn goes right up to him and we all start chatting (Finn, Pete, Sherrif, myself). As the night goes on (plus a change of bars) Sherrif is getting drunker and starts eyeing some ladies that we know. Then the bar closes. Did The Sherrif give any ladies the high hard one? We will never know

EP said...

All that being said- tough call vs. Bobby.

Pervitron 3000 said...

That Tarzan song once symbolized all that was great about 80s music. Synthesized fake saxaphone effects, chanting, what else could you want? After watching that video, I now hate it. Thanks a lot Finn!