Seattle Sports March Madness, Round 1 Group 1, Results?


First our final results of round 1:

Walter Jones destroys Carlos Silva 29 - 0

Trufant gets past Reynolds 17-12

Detlef beats X-man 17-12

Kemp destroys Ayala 29-0

Sue Bird with the classic 5 seed -12 seed upset over Booney 17-13

AD takes care of Rick Mirer 25 - 6

and Calabro crushes D-Mas 28 - 1

That brings us to our first OVERTIME battle.

Durant and Watters were tied at 15.

So.... (and this will probably change depending on the schedule if there are any more ties)

We're gonna leave the voting open on this poll through Sunday Night @ 5:00PM (hahaha, but those who've voted already are probably the only ones reading. So call your friends and influence them, haha.)

Vote on your right!



Pete said...

How can you guys vote for Ricky Watters? If you asked a random sports fan to name the teams he played for, the guy would name the Niners and the Eagles and have to be reminded that he played for the Hawks.

Japeddo said...

If Ricky does win, I blame Finn for the overtime picture choices...Ricky all decked out in classic Seahawk blue, and KD lookin like a dork...is that his senior picture from High School? How did you get a hold of that? Do you work at Yuen Lui now?

Mr. F said...

I thought it captured his youthful exuberance (sp?) and the last ray of hope he represented for the Sonics. Sorry.

EP said...

Not to mention that by all accounts I have heard, Watters was the most selfish player in Hawks history. He even nicknamed himself "The Truth". Kevin Durant was awesome in his time here....If he loses, all you who voted against him should be ashamed...

Mr. F said...

I think the campaigning is having a reverse effect of the desired result.

Fu said...

My most recent memory of Watters in Seattle: Him pretending to freestyle rap on KUBE 93 FM. It was awful. I think I remember the DJ calling him "the truth" too. So yeah, I voted for him.