Weight Loss Challenge. Final Results.

Just a quick refresh... a couple of strangers we knew wanted to participate in a weight loss challenge going from SuperBowl Sunday through March Madness. We'll refer to them as Red Dot and Blue Dot in order to protect their identities...

Here were the initial results:

Blue Dot: 190 lbs.

Red Dot: 223 lbs.

After weeks of anticipation here are the final results.... ready? You BETTER BE!!!

Blue Dot:

174 pounds!!!!!! Lost 16 pounds (some would even say 27 is you count the stomach virus from 1 week earlier)

Red Dot:

195.5 lbs!!!!! A loss of 27.5 lbs. AND YOUR WINNER!!!!

The real message here though is this...

You can figure out which one is Rocky and which one is Drago on your own... but congrats to both of the competitors. They'll both be celebrating by trying to put those pounds back on at the Ram @ Northgate one of these days... and you're all invited!

Oh and here's one last clip from the final weigh ins....

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